St. Vincent's Upcoming Events

"Buy One, Give One" Flu-Shot Event:

Flu season is coming upon us and it's very important that we all do our best to promote health in our community.

St. Vincent's is hosting a "BOGO" event that allows anyone to purchase a flu-shot for themselves as well as a patient. Individuals may also simply purchase a flu-shot for a patient alone. It is important to remember that the flu-shot is not just about keeping yourself healthy- it helps reduce the spread of influenza virus to those who may not be able to fight off the infection as easily.

UTMB students and faculty are required to receive the flu-shot annually, so take this opportunity to help our clinic patients receive this immunization!

The First BOGO event will be occuring on October 21st from 4:00 - 6:00 pm. Purchase below and remember to save your email receipts!


Purchase Type


Venmo Purchases:

Payments of either $20.00 or $40.00 may also be made out via Venmo.

$20.00 interactions will go toward influenza vaccinations for patients.

$40.00 interactions will go toward influenza vaccinations for a patient as well as yourself.
You may specify in the payment comments if you would like the second vaccine to go to someone else.

Search for the Venmo handle: @superflypie (Paul Bui)


St. Vincent's Annual Benefit Concert

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Every year, St. Vincent's Student Clinic hosts an annual silent auction and talent show. In the past, the event has been hosted at The Grand 1894 Opera House.

Groups and individuals may audition and share their talent with the Galveston community. This opportunity is not limited to just UTMB students and faculty. We have had several local and non-local performers come to island and dazzle us!

St. Vincent's volunteers also work to obtain donations for a silent auction. On the same night as the talent show, patients will be able to bid on various donated items.

The contributions from ticket sales, auctions, and donations all go toward the clinic so that we may continue providing healthcare free of charge for our patients.


You may donate to the clinic at any time through Paypal, or by contacting us directly!


Concert Ticket Sales

E-Tickets are not currently on sale. A Purchase Button will be available here once they are on sale.