Volunteering Opportunities

Thank you for showing interest in volunteering at St. Vincent's.

UTMB students can participate as CLINICAL VOLUNTEERS.

Non-UTMB Students can participate as NON-CLINICAL VOLUNTEERS.

Please review our self-paced training material below. If you have questions, reach out to us at volunteer_recruitment@stvsc.org

Clinical volunteers (including residents and faculty members), please complete the following training at least 48 hours before clinic begins. St. Vincent's Clinics | Clinical Information Systems | UTMB Home

Volunteering Orientation & Training Material Overview

Updated STV Orientation/Training Overview
Updated STV Volunteer Roles

Step 1: Orientation

Updated STV General Orientation

Step 2: Categorical Training

STV UTMB Student Training
STV Non-UTMB Training

Step 3: Activity-Specific Training

Traditional Student Clinic for SOM, PA, & SON
Updated STV Dental Assistant Training
Updated STV CLS Training
Ophthalmology Screening Project Training 2021


*In-person phlebotomy training will be offered every 2nd and 3rd Saturday of the month. Contact us at cls_supervisors@stvsc.org to sign up!

Updated STV Phlebotomy Team Training
Spanish Volunteer Training

Traditional SOM Clinic: Student Sign-Up Calendar

New Volunteer Calendar