Clinical Volunteering

Volunteering Opportunities

Thank you for showing interest in volunteering at St. Vincent's. We accept clinical volunteers from UTMB's:

  • School of Medicine

  • School of Nursing

  • School of Health Professions

We also have non-clinical volunteers who contribute to St. Vincent's Clinic. If you interested in a non-clinical volunteering position, please contact us for opportunities

If you would like to sign up, please click on the image below.

UPDATE 6/28/20:

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we are having limited clinical encounters with all patients that are approved for a physical visit requiring COVID-19 screening. For students interested in helping with both the limited face-to-face visits and telemedicine encounters, there is a new orientation and quiz (linked the end of the orientation slides), along with a new calendar sign-up. Once you have completed the quiz you will be able to find your name on the calendar drop-down list and sign up. To access the calendar in an editable form to sign up, use the button in the top-right corner to open in a new tab.

Volunteering Online Orientation & Training Material

STV Orientation/Training Overview
STV Volunteer Roles
STV General Orientation
STV Clinical Training
STV CLS Training
STV IP Clinic SHP Volunteer Training
IP Clinic- PAL Training for SHP
IP Clinic- PAL Training
STV Onsite Volunteer Training

Student Sign-Up Calendar

New Volunteer Calendar
STV IP Clinic Volunteer Calendar