About St. Vincent's SCAN

St. Vincent's SCAN (Store, Convert, Archive, Navigate) is a project funded by the UTMB President's Cabinet. A 2020 award is funding efforts to store and digitize old, hard copy medical records as we transition to a new electronic medical record (EMR) system. UTMB students are encouraged to volunteer their time scanning medical records and uploading digital copies to an online system for long term storage and access.

How to Participate


All individuals interested in participating must review online training material and pass an associated quiz (linked below). Those who pass the quiz will receive an email with information about registering as a volunteer and a link to our volunteer calendar. Those interested in volunteering during off-hours (those not listed on the volunteer calendar) can contact Jacob Moran (

UTMB Student Organizations

Organizations may participate by providing a list of student members. Student organizations interested in volunteering in off-hours (those not listed on the volunteer calendar) as a group can contact Jacob Moran ( All students in the organization must review online training material and pass the quiz before being able to volunteer.


Funds awarded by the President's Cabinet will be used to purchase iPads (or an appropriate alternative prize) to reward the most active individual volunteers. The most active student organization(s) will be rewarded with a 'dinner with the President' event hosted by the UTMB President's Office. Rewards will be given each semester. The following rules will apply.


Fall: September 2020-December 2020

Spring: January 2021-April 2021

Summer: May 2021-August 2021


Individual volunteers scanning at least 100 medical records during the semester will be eligible for a reward. If less than 4 volunteers scan 100 medical records, each will receive a reward. If more than 4 volunteers scan 100 medical records, the top 4 individuals will receive a reward.


Organizations who host at least one off-hours event will be eligible for the organization reward. Among the organizations that host such an event, the organization that scans the most records per listed member will receive the reward. Records scanned by members who volunteer as individuals throughout the semester will count toward the organization's total.


Reward recipients will be determined at the end of each semester, and tallies of scanned charts will be reset at the end of each semester. Any individual eligible for a reward in more than one semester will have the option to select their reward if they do not want an iPad. At the end of the program timeline (August 2021) overall winners will be determined. These individuals will be eligible for a personalized reward valued at $300.

Please complete the orientation below and sign up on the calendar under the "Medical Records" category.

Medical Records Online Training

St. Vincent’s Medical Records Training (Online)

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Student Calendar

SCAN Leaderboard

SCAN Leaderboard

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